Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Don't Go Home

Don't Go Home - Dan Ellender 2006

Don’t go home
Wander with me
Through and through
With superglue

Feet akimbo, blasting lasts
Shoes kicking balls
And crumbling stones.

You have such pleading, wondering eyes.
Wander with me forever.

We never had to stay in one place,
We didn’t need to stand by the lake,
But we did, holding hands like children.

Come with me through melting ice on the side of the trail,
See what bugs and weeds can live through ice and winter.
Find out which twigs bend and break.

Stop forever, stop here,
Let me hold you up in time
And carry you over the rainbow flood.

Stay here, don’t go home,
Stay here, back when we were never alone.