Monday, November 14, 2011

From a Rant in TechCrunch

The Android/Amazon/Apple battle is the same as the Apple/Windows battle: by comparing apples to oranges, they hide the fact that the systems are all garbage given what tech could be doing today. These companies don't want to give you a quality experience. They want to make money by making things as cheaply as possible and rolling through a twenty year backlog of technology as slowly as possible, making you purchase upgrade after upgrade. Capitalism has been put in slow motion by the ability of large companies to hire lawyers and threaten/execute litigation, effectively shutting out real innovations. Nothing new, I just get sick of people talking about how great their systems are. As proof of my argument, I offer the sad fact that actual user input has gotten stuck since the innovation of the mouse. My Kinect can do better at input than my phone or computer, but it excludes any kind of productivity. The same basically goes for Kindle Fire and Android, and to a lesser extent, the Ipad. We should have had Siri ten years ago. We should have AI right now. Thanks for nothing, Microsoft and Apple.

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