Friday, October 14, 2011

I Hate our Major News Services. All of them.

If this was happening in Iraq, it would be on a live feed on all the networks. Ho hum. It's New York City. Denver. San Francisco.

No, what it really is: a failure of our so called news services. I would imagine they're a little rocked by it. Maybe Occupy Wall Street should move to Rockefeller Plaza and Occupy NBC.

Hey, what gives with me? I'm no liberal. No, but I think that this movement, combined with the Tea Party Movement, is the real political news happening today. And I think it's scaring the crap out of BOTH the liberal and conservative parties in power. Just wait until these two grass roots movements realize they're fighting the same thing. Our outdated, corrupt, crony-phile political process. Congratulations America, it took over a generation, but you've woken up. Now if you could just get together...

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