Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm not materialistic, I'm technologyistic.

Many of us are not materialistic. We're technologyistic.  Really, isn't this how its been for a long time? We don't care so much for material things as having our music, photos, etc. all available on our device of current interest.

For those who subscribe to this way of life, it means that Sync is the game changer for applications. With sync goes all hope of privacy. Becoming more hive-member-like is going to be a real dealbreaker for many Boomers. Milestone transitional projects include Itunes, Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook and other social sites, but also Amazon and Google. In just a short time, we will all be one big sweaty, happy, bickering family.

As a Boomer myself, do I want this? Not really. Is it inevitable? Certainly. Your life has always depended on the hive busily making fast food, communication, and other things available for you. With the wave of computer interaction here today, we are about to get a lot more cozy in the near future. See you there!

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